Shadow Breaker

An early morning dance ritual

 New York City




rise and shine bright


Shadow Breaker is a morning group ritual that uses art, Tai Chi, and sound vibration to create an inspirational healing experience while building a vibrant community of humans.

We celebrate the dawning of a new day and the end of the shadowy night through mindful movement, creativity, and communal intention. We dance and breathe together to create a field of energy that uplifts, inspires, and magnifies our collective potential!

Shadow Breaker is about choosing to transcend the darkness we are constantly being fed by the media and instead embracing happiness, togetherness, and play. We prioritize the positive and powerful, and our lifestyle reflects it. Dust off the shadows, and seize the light!



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OUr core values



Because life is best approached as a adventurous celebration!


Because we’re all animals first, humans second, and men and women third.

So let’s get wild and re-connect to the environment and our animal nature.


Because through our creations we express and heal ourselves deeply.


Because being aware is the direct path to real freedom and happiness.


Because without it, life would unbearably mundane.

Our shadows give us depth and beauty; no mud, no flower.



social Alchemy

TO create a safe, inspiring space for people to explore, play together and build a community.

Group healing

To prioritize positivity, dance, and a healthy lifestyle.

Do good

To raise money for exceptional non-profits that are creating radical change in NYC and beyond.


“What an amazing morning! Empowering, exciting and inspirational. Thank you for making me see my worth and power and how fun life and art can be. My heart is so full.”
— Michael Santomassimo - Student
“I felt joyful and peaceful all day, and difficult circumstances suddenly didn’t seem problematic . I loved the cumulative energy of everyone together.”
— Heidi Cattleman - Musician
“The entire experience was something extremely special, like a magical journey. Everyone should have the pleasure of experiencing ShadowBreaker. I’m a horrible dancer but never felt embarrassed or intimidated because you guys created such a great energy. When I got to work people were saying I was glowing and seemed so happy. My work environment can be pretty stressful but I felt so calm all day.”
— Cara Forgione - Fashion Sales Manager